United States Grand Prix, Pheonix, 1991, start

USA Day: United States GP pictures

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Fernando Alonso, Renault, Indianapolis, 2005

In the last of today’s ‘USA Day’ posts a look back at United States Grands Prix of old.

For the first 11 years of the world championship the Indianapolis 500 was counted as a round. The United States Grand Prix has visited a range of venues from the great (Watkins Glen, Long Beach) to the less good (Las Vegas, Pheonix).

Here’s a look back at some of those weird and wonderful races.

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4 comments on “USA Day: United States GP pictures”

  1. great photos, great posts. but, as a resident of dallas i have to take exception to the 1984 race not being mentioned as yet another extreme-“the disastrous”.

    in a true spirit of sophistication one of the local papers referenced some event-attendees as “euro-trash”-most of them actually. and the track fell apart. it made montreal this year look like a good deal.

  2. A few magic US moments that spring to mind:

    Watkins Glen, 1979, wet Friday practice: Gilles Villeneuve laps 11 seconds faster than any other driver. His team-mate Jody Scheckter, who had scared himself so rigid that he thought he must be quickest to this day ‘doesn’t understand how it was possible’. Jacques Laffite, back in the pits afterwards sums it up: ‘Gilles is different from the rest of us. He is on another level’.

    Detroit, 1985: Rosberg the street fighter hung tough whilst the best drivers in the world hit the walls around him. Awesome.

    Phoenix, 1990: Rookie Alesi in the Tyrell gives Senna a scare by not only passing daring to lead the race, but by sitting it out side by side with the McLaren when he made his move on lap 34. The cars danced through two corners next to each other, with Alesi coming out on top! Senna, of course, had the final say and pounced decisively a lap later before driving away to win the race. But, Alesi’s point had been made. I still think of him as one of the great unfulfilled talents.

    Indianapolis, 2001: on-board camera footage shows Montoya on the start finish straight, closing in on the back of Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari, taking both hands from the steering wheel to tighten his belts before getting down to the serious business of overtaking. Magic.

  3. Thanks Keith for doing all this. Hopefully we will get our Grand Prix back next year.

  4. The Lewis Hamilton picture says “2005”, it should be 2007.

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