First pictures of the Valencia F1 street track (2008 European Grand Prix)

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Adrian Sutil explores F1\'s new street track in Valencia
Adrian Sutil explores F1's new street track in Valencia

The Circuito Urbano Valencia saw F1 action for the first time today.

Before the race weekend I wasn’t sure how good the track would look – footage from the first race at the circuit made the track look a bit featureless. But I thought it looked better during today’s free practice session.

Here’s a selection of photographs of F1 cars during free practice one and two showing some of the more interesting scenery at the circuit, including the harbour and surrounding buildings.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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4 comments on “First pictures of the Valencia F1 street track (2008 European Grand Prix)”

  1. Great photos Keith, cheers. Any chance of “Previous” and “Next” buttons on the photo pages to save Back/click?

  2. Hi Noel – Yeah I’m working on that, it’s something that should be there by default but the custom theme has broken it. It’s on the list (along with user-editable comments).

  3. Looks like a track that levels the playing field in favor of the drivers! not the cars, the Friday practice times show a truer view of the in car talent at least i hope so
    This could be a great race! a race to remember

  4. P.S. What happened to Brundle on TSN? Get him back on the air please, he knows whats going on inside the car because he’s the only commentator who still gets in the cars and drives a good lap!

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