F1 links: FOTA not backing down on cap

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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below.

Q & A with Stefano Domenicali

"The request to make the 2009 regulations the starting point, means there will be no budget cap."

Le Mans Prototype Ferrari

Ferrari Le Mans car prototype… built out of Lego. (Thanks to Sam Prest for the tip!)

Max Mosley lauds Formula Two

'Speaking after the first Formula Two race for 25 years, Mosley said: "I think the championship fits precisely with the cost cutting measures that are being adopted in Formula One. The barriers to entry have just been too big and too expensive in the past. With the top three all qualifying for an FIA Superlicence this championship is a means for people to get into Formula One without spending a fortune. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some drivers from this year's Formula Two championship progress into Formula One.'

Is Formula 2 slower than Formula 3?

"Could it be that Formula 2 is actually slower than Formula 3? We won't know for sure until we have more data, but the 128% time from this weekend appears damningly slow for a series that is supposed to be one step below Formula 1."

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6 comments on “F1 links: FOTA not backing down on cap”

  1. That Lego LMP1 car is stunning!

  2. F2.
    I still don`t see why Max set this series up other than to take a swipe at Bernie & GP2.
    It was meant to cost around 200,000 Euros a car but, as Bernie said, a karting season costs more than that. “Maybe he will use lawnmower engines, but would that really be a feeder series for formula one?”
    No, but it could be why Max wants to dumb down F1?
    I`m becoming convinced that somewhere along the line Mosley has completely lost the plot but, as far as F2 is concerned, we`ll have to see how it goes, I guess.

  3. Having just watched Race 2 I have rechristened it The Nepotism Series ;)

  4. Was watching the F2 races and was surprised by how slow they looked. They were nearly as low as F3.
    The cars should be as fast as GP2 at least.

  5. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/75753

    Reported that Alex Wurz has lodged an F1 entry as team principal of Superfund F1

  6. I quite enjoyed the F2 races this weekend but it made me think if that’s another reason why Wlliams signed up to the F1 season before the other teams. Perhaps there is a nudge nudge wink wink understanding with Max being that they got the F2 contract…

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